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Which Car is Best?

Recent automotive shopping trends show six out of 10 car shoppers enter the market unsure which car to buy?  My AutoSource starts with a simple question.  Do you need a car and would you prefer a 2 door coupe or do you need a small 4 door compact?  Or maybe you need a mid-size or large sedan for more room.  There is also a 5 door hatchback that may appeal to you.

You can also choose an SUV or maybe you just need a Van.  If you need towing capacity then the decision might be to look at a Truck or a full size SUV.  The first step is to think about daily use and how many seat belts you will most likely need on a day to day basis.  Often a good second step is start noticing what makes and models appeal to you.  What vehicle has the body lines and brand that you would want to own?  Car reviews are readily available online, but in our experience every used vehicle tends to drive and feel a little but different.  At My AutoSource we don't have sales people go along for the test drive to try and sell you with great closing questions along the ride.  The great value we offer with our vehicles we find they sell themselves!

We have found that a lot of our customers enjoy driving several different vehicles while at our dealership.  We want you to take your time and the vehicle to run some daily errands or pull it in and out of your garage.  This is the best way you are going to figure out which car is best for you. 

Lets take a virtual test drive of some of our vehicles Ride Along.