The Fastest Growing Automotive Category In The United States

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<br /> The Fastest Growing Automotive Category In The United States<br />

The “AutoSource Revolution”

AutoSource recognized as a “Forward Thinking Automotive Chain”

“The result has been nothing short of flipping the entire automobile industry on its head.”

Gioia Auto Body recently published an article entitled, “The Fastest Growing Automotive Category In The United States”. It was written by automotive blogger, Tereso Sobo. Sobo highlights the rise of branded title vehicles, specifically AutoSource Branded Title vehicles.

As many car buyers know, finding the right car is difficult. New cars are continually rising in price, and buying used can be a complicated and challenging process. Finding the right car for the right price at a dealership that you can trust is something that can seem impossible. That is why the recognition from Sobo, and the team at Gioia Auto Body is meaningful to car shoppers. It adds validation and confidence to the AutoSource process.

Sobo writes, “Once upon a time, twenty or thirty years ago, car buyers were hesitant to purchase vehicles with any history of repairs or damage for fear the car was no longer stable or reliable. But those days are long gone, thanks in large part to advanced technology and one forward-thinking chain of auto dealerships.”

“AutoSource, based out of Woods Cross Utah and with locations spreading nationwide,” Sobo continues, “has created an entirely new option for car buyers that is growing in popularity at a staggering pace.”

Tereso Sobo concludes by writing, “I applaud the people behind AutoSource for interrupting the stagnant automotive industry and giving car buyers a significantly better financial option to buying new and a much newer car than buying traditional used. The future of car buying is quickly changing and all trends point to branded title cars. Something to consider the next time you are in the market for a “new” car.”

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