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Is It the Right Car for Me

Once you have identified which type of vehicle you want to own you will want to determine if that vehicle fits your needs and lifestyle.  Some practical features to consider would be, how many people will I need to accommodate on a regular basis?  Can I live without all the new safety features?

Now, more than ever, fuel efficiency is a key factor in determining if the vehicle will sustain your every day needs.  Or perhaps you are an outdoor enthusiast and the most important factor is will the vehicle help you get outside and haul your equipment with you.  In this case, towing capacity or rear trunk space may be big decision factors. 

At My AutoSource we have helped our customers treat themselves a bit more.  We know this and that is why when we hand pick our vehicles we only select the ones with all the fancy options and equipment.  We know that's what our customer wants to own!  So the majority of our vehicles come with Leather, Heated Seats, Back Up Cameras, Navigation, Blinkers in the Mirrors, Blind Side Monitoring, BlueTooth for Hands Free Call and Phone Integration, High Intensity Headlights, Acceleration, Sunroof, Panoramic Sunroofs, Towing Packages, Loaded and Luxury One-Owner.  

Lets take a virtual review of our standard equipment in our vehicles Peak Inside