How To Keep Your Car Cool In The Summer?

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Every summer drivers come up against the same challenge: how can you keep your car cool?  We all know the feeling. The temperature outside is hovering around 100 degrees and there isn’t a cloud in sight, but when you open your car door it feels like you’re stepping on to the surface of the sun. It feels like the inside of your car is hotter than it is outside.  Well, as it turns out, that’s true.  

Due to the greenhouse effect the inside of your vehicle can be much warmer than the temperature outside.  HowStuffWorks summarized it by saying, “You’ve probably noticed that your car is always much hotter inside than the outside temperature if it’s been sitting there for a while. The sun’s rays enter through your car’s windows. Some of the heat from the sun is absorbed by the seats, the dashboard and the carpeting and floor mats. When those objects release this heat, it doesn’t all get out through the windows. Some is reflected back in — the heat radiated by the seats is a different wavelength than the light of the sun that made it through the windows in the first place, and the window glass won’t let as much of that wavelength through. So a certain amount of energy is going in, and less energy is going out. The result is a gradual increase in the temperature inside your car.” 

Most drivers just suffer through the heat until their air conditioner can effectively start cooling the vehicle, but why wait? There are some things that you can do before you get out of your car that will keep it cooler for the next time you get in.  

Always try to find a spot in the shade.  

That seems simple enough.  When available, you should always opt for finding some covered parking.  That could mean a parking garage, carport, under a tree, on the side of a building, or any other parking spot that is shielded from the sun. Don’t be afraid to move your car around throughout the day either.  The shade is your friend all summer long.

Crack the windows.

Experts say that cracking your windows allows for some of the heat trapped in your vehicle to escape.  Even cracking your windows a small amount can drop the temperature by 20+ degrees. Obviously, you’ll want to be smart about how much you crack your windows. You never want to open them so much that a car thief can get in.

Cover up.

This one requires a bit more work, but the payoff is worth it.  Covering the front windshield with a sun shade, prevents more light getting in, which will keep the car cooler.  Covering the dash, steering wheel, and seats will also make getting in the car, and driving much more comfortable.  

Remote Start.

You know what time you have to get in your car everyday, why not take advantage of the time your car is just sitting there.  With a remote starter on your vehicle, you can get the Air Conditioner running cool before it’s even time to open the doors. At AutoSource we have over 330 vehicles equipped with a remote start that will keep you cool all summer long.

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If you just can’t bear the thought of another summer in your current ride, or if these tips just won’t cut it for you, then it’s time that you look at an upgrade.  AutoSource has over 2,000 vehicles in inventory and 9 convenient locations to serve you. Finding something that you will love on the hottest summer day or the coldest winter night is easy at AutoSource.  Since we specialize in Branded Title Vehicles you can be sure that you’re getting a good deal.  

Come in and test drive a vehicle this week, we’ll have it cool when you get here.

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